Changes in ETF2L Season 4

When ETF2L Season 3 ended there were a lot of discussion about the default-loss rules because the outcome of Division 1 was influenced by some clans getting a default win because other clans dropped. To fix that they have now added the following rules:

  • The maximum amount of default losses before you will be dropped has been decreased from 3 to 2.
  • A dropped team will now have all its results removed if it has played less than 75% of all matches in its division (not counting matches against dropped teams).

Another new rule is that the second map will have to start within 10 minutes after the first map ended.

The warning system has also been revised so there actually will be some consequences when clans violate the rules. For instance, if you get 3 minor warnings you will lose a point from the league. Notice that warnings from former seasons won’t count, so don’t worry if you received warnings in Season 3.

Furthermore they will be making a division 6 because of the large amount of signed up teams (more than 250 teams). 

The emphasis of this 6th division will be teams who just play to have a good time, and don’t take everything all too seriously. You should see this as a place for the brand new teams, who are only just starting out, and for any other group of friends playing for the fun of the game.

The Map Picks Phase for Season 4 is between January 5th to 8th, and Week 1 begins January 12th.


Renegade26 says: 24 December 2008 - 13:04

250 teams, with an at least 6 players in each team, and often more (some teams have 9 players Ive seen), surely that accounts for around 1800 players. How many Cod4 teams and CSS teams are there (not just top teams, but all those that play).

Amonsilas says: 24 December 2008 - 15:21

I think this attitude: “don’t take everything all too seriously.” might raise some problematic teams in the league. Teams that don’t take everything too seriously are (in my experience from the past) often teams that don’t care about the rules, limits and their opponent too much. This can be problematic if you might not take everything too seriously, but still want to play a DECENT match.

Who decides what’s still allowed in this “less serious” division and what’s no longer allowed (I can imagine people saying that it is still an OFFICIAL match you’re playing).

numlocked says: 24 December 2008 - 15:26

There’s thousands ;D

Wlv says: 30 December 2008 - 13:06

@Amonsilas, as far as I’m aware, division 6 will follow the same ruleset as every other division and people who break the rules will be treated in the same manner as every other team that breaks rules (ETF2L S.W.A.T!) 😀

@Rene when the final league table is up and the first week starts I’ll get some sexy stats to you. TF2 is no way near as big as CSS and I very much doubt it ever will be. However, to have such a large number of teams under one league, in a game that isn’t well supported, pays tribute to the hard work both the admins and players put in.

+ It’s nice to see, even with out prizes, we still dick over ESL, ED & theSGL…hahaha /hides

F2 says: 30 December 2008 - 15:48

@Rene: As of right now there’s 2293 players in the 250 teams signed up for Season 4.

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