Infused & ShopTo Cup Update

Infused & ShopTo TF2 Community Cup signups will close on Monday 15th June 22:00 CEST. The tournament will commence on Monday 22nd June. On Wednesday 17th June the draw selection and a list of all the maps to be played each week will be announced. All matches have to be played by the Sunday of the same week. Any games not played will be defaulted against the team who can not play.

At the moment 35 teams have signed up. To unlock the maximum £1000 prizefund we need 19 more teams though. Please sign up for the tournament here (it will take you 2 mins to create an account) and encourage others to do so too!

For any questions and submitting results please contact an admin within the IRC Quakenet channel #infused.cup.admins

Wednesday: Top Matches Tonight


  • 21:15 4 Kings vs coolclan (cp_freight 2-7, cp_gravelpit 2-0)
  • 21:15 dignitas vs Team-Coolermaster (cp_well 5-2, cp_badlands 6-3)

Cash Cup and Payload Race Cup

Cup with a cash prize

Infused and ShopTo have announced a TF2 6v6 Cup with a cash prize to the first place finisher. The prizes are dependent on the number of signups, but if 64 teams sign up then the prizes are:

  1. £500 cash
  2. £300 ShopTo credit
  3. £200 ShopTo credit

The cup will run on the ETF2L rules. For more info see here.

Source: cadred

Payload Race

EnemyDown have announced a knockout 6v6 cup on the map plr_pipeline.

The map may or may not work for 6v6, let’s find out! Sign up now.

Thursday: Top Matches Tonight

Tonight the best and 3rd best team, dignitas and YoYoTech, are playing each other in ETF2L. Last week these two giants had a very close match in ESL Major Series where dignitas won granary 5-3, yoyotech won turbine 16-6 and dignitas won cp_well 3-2.

This time they will be playing granary and turbine. Will yoyotech be the first team to steal points from dignitas in this season of ETF2L?


  • 21:15 CEST – dignitas vs YoYoTech (cp_granary 3-2, ctf_turbine 6-12)
    Video Coverage: pwnageTV
    SourceTV: connect

I Am Ze Ubermensch!

Crack! Clan’s medic kyynel has released a medic fragmovie!

May’s Top10 TF2 Teams / idk second team

The latest installment of Cadred’s top 10 listing has been published today. The rankings are placed by each judge, and each vote earns points for that team. The higher the rank, the more points earnt.

The order of teams given is:

  1.  Dignitas
  2. Crack! Clan
  3. Team CoolerMaster
  4. 4Kings
  5. Team YoYoTech
  6. The Imperial
  7. coolclan
  8. clan00
  9. I Don’t Know?
  10. illegal

With the former TCM folding, we see the european team I Don’t Know? claim a spot in the Top10, as the new TCM takes 4Kings place and move up to third. Again, the spot for first place is still with Dignitas, but there has been a lot of shuffling around at the bottom of the list. However, there is competition for the fourth place between Team YoYoTech and 4Kings.

Check the full listing and write-ups on cadred now!

I Don’t Know? Gold

After many recent successes, I Don’t Know? decided it was time to take on a second team for the second time! This time, they welcomed an already formed team called DeadFace (division 3A) and turned them into I Don’t Know? Gold.The roster for the team is:

  • Azured
  • Blitz
  • BotBot
  • Funkeh
  • nubrevolution
  • WalkingTarget

We wish all the best of luck to I Don’t Know? Gold for whatever happens in the near future!

New FB2 Team

[FB] Pick up another second team after the former disbanded about a week back due to the leader quitting and other issues. The Division 3b team ,  Paroxysm, show alot of potential with their lineup and have been anounced as the new Fakkelbrigade Second team.

Current Lineup:
Cake – Medic
Demourge – Soldier/Allrounder
MeDiC – Demo/Allrounder
Redman350 – Scout
Rake – Scout/Sniper
Fanva – Scout/Sniper
Mar – Demo
Lowkey – Soldier/Scout

Wales Santa – Soldier/Allrounder

(^Sorry, couldn’t find the flag image for wales so that will have to do)

The team will be called: FakkelBrigade – Rage Edition (hi Demsi)

Goodluck to all of the team.

Get Unlockable Weapons Easier

To get the unlockable weapons (and hats) you have to be on a TF2 server. Whether you play or idle doesn’t matter. So some people are idling on servers overnight just to get unlocks – or running TF2 minimized in windowed mode while being at work. Now this has become easier to do.

Drunken_F00l has made a simple console application that you can open and minimize. It fakes idling on a TF2 server and it will notify you when you get new items. It’s very simple and consumes almost no resources. All you have to do is start Steam and run the application.

You can download the application here. Thousands of people are already using this, and it works really well. However, you never know what Valve will do to prevent this. We take no responsibility for what might happen to your Steam account.

Note: You cannot run this program and TF2 at the same time.

Tueday: Top Matches Tonight

Team Dignitas and Team YoYoTech will clash in ESL Major Series tonight at 21:15 CEST. YoYoTech have had some very impressive results recently, including winning over TmG (TCM) in ED and tieing CC on two maps in ETF2L. Will they be able to take points from dignitas?

EMS Season 4

  • 21:15dignitas vs YoYoTech (cp_granary 5-3, ctf_turbine 6-16, cp_well 3-2)
    Video coverage: PwnageTV with leogeo2

Update: We can reveal a tactic the YoYoTechs have been practicing which they may be using tonight!

Team TmG to TCM

The rumors were true! Trademark Gamers (former Übersexuals) have left their organization and joined Team-Coolermaster. In the process they have also recruited Evil from the old TCM lineup.

On their official website dunc stated:

Everybody in the scene was gutted when the previous Team CoolerMaster lineup folded. It came as a surprise, especially from such an established lineup.

I was incredibly surprised when Xman approached us. We have left Trademark Gamers on good terms with no hard feelings from either side but we simply couldn’t pass up this amazing opportunity to play for one of the best gaming organisations in Europe.

With Evil veteran of the previous TCM lineup, we’ll have a core squad of skilled players. We can’t wait to use this lineup consistently and we won’t be aiming for anything other than the number one spot.

Any team that has played against us knows that our inconsistent lineups were the only thing stopping us from truly competing, but now we’re back with a vengeance.
Thanks to Team-Coolermaster for investing in us as a team and myself personally, we’re all genuinely excited to start playing with the TCM tag.

Lately the new TCM have had some great results, taking 6 points from 4 Kings and 4 points from Crack! Clan in ETF2L. Good luck to you all!

Source: TCM

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