ETF2L Raise Their Ban Hammer

Tonight ETF2L have banned a lot of players from their league.

All these players have received a 1 year ban from ETF2L:

Heliana claims that he merely tried using an aimbot once on a ffa server. That is however enough to get banned.

Furthermore has forzew gotten a major warning for using a fastfire script.

And finally:

After looking into ColorZ due to what is mentioned above we discovered that team ColorZ has been sharing their accounts with each other and with other people mercing for them.

Not knowing what to do with such a massive attempt to evade the rules of etf2l we decided that all accounts which were used in this account sharing scam will be banned until season 5 is over.

Stop cheating ffs! And give the ETF2L admins some credit for doing a great job exposing those cheaters.


Hansa says: 23 March 2009 - 0:11

Flo has been abusively banned. He never cheated or tried to use a cheat.

I dont care about the rest.

Sneis says: 23 March 2009 - 0:36

the french failed badly in the war, and now this :(?

daf says: 23 March 2009 - 1:11

How do you know Hansa..? Have you been there every single time he has ever opened TF2? OK!

ExE says: 23 March 2009 - 1:35

I couldnt find any place to comment on the ETF2L site so I write my comment here.

Good job admins.

Typh0n says: 23 March 2009 - 4:30

@ daf : personnally i played every pcw’s he played in and i can tell you he did not cheat in any of it. But indeed thats just my word… I really think its a shame stv’s demos (not etf2l vids which contains their “methods”) should be showed up but well.

moreover i’d like to say that we never ever used any account on any etf2l match for mercing contrary to what etf2l says “ColorZ has been sharing their accounts with each other and with other people mercing for them”. Indeed first you should all ask yourself ‘how can people know when i go play on a friend’s account’ etc. Obviously they got evidences showing for example sidney played on rain’s account when he had been hacked and so did Pomme but never during an official game and i’d like every people to know that admins said “that was just to prevent you from using these accounts for mercing”. Which means you can’t lend your accounts to anyone at any moment without fearing to be caught by etf2l who’s checking who is playing on your account for example in ffa lol.
Furthermore some accounts were banned from etf2l while they don’t even have bought tf2 which is totally stupid cause yes we could have bought tf2 and used it as an account for mercing but well you don’t ban people just because they might be able to share accounts in an official game you ban people if they do something wrong not just because they may do something wrong…

I would also like to replace some things and say that these actions were launched by someone who is not even an etf2l admin who checked every moves we made every accounts we used in pcw’s in ffa and it will certainly not bother you but think about it can people spy who you lend your account to like this?

I am sorry if this com disturbed you i just thought that some things needed to be said expecially when you say that someone is cheating that you got some evidences but you give it to the community just because it’s evidences … (not sure you followed me but:x)

Anyway this was just to tell my mind about it you may strongly disagree saying that i just ‘rage’ or don’t want to face the truth but at least i said what i had to say

snakedoctor says: 23 March 2009 - 5:09

Nice to see VAC is effective.


nubonamission says: 23 March 2009 - 11:08

Typh0n has some very valid points, it really seems like the ETF2L has got up its own arse recently. But on the other hand they are showing they are strong on cheating, which is a good thing, so I dont want to judge too quickly.

Hansa says: 23 March 2009 - 12:14

Daf : how can i know.

That is just some good sense man ! Flo is a sick sniper but a quite good scout. He isnt impressive at all at scout, he just get some nice killing spree and he doesnt 2 shot everyone…
Judging him on 1 pcw, 1 pcw where he has been very good, and then say ‘oh lol this frenchie is aimbotting cause he totaly rox as sniper’ is not enough to ban a player.

Like i said, i do not care about pomme or heliana or the fake account cause i can’t complain about it. But flo isn’t a cheater. This is a non sense.

And btw i dont ask to you to believe me, i just gave my opinion about flo.

Akasazh says: 23 March 2009 - 12:23

Tbh there seems to be a bit of slacking by the cl if indeed accounts were shared and this wasn’t reported in match comments/discussed with an admin before going ahead with this. I mean trust within the steam account system is based on the fact that a steam ID is used by a single person.

Also cheating is hard to detect even if you do play on the same team.You only get to spectate when you’ve died and obviously at that time you’re not actively looking for evidence. Daf is right that the only way to be 100% sure if one hacks is being at his comp whenever someone plays.

I don’t know the details of this so I can’t judge the correctness of the actions, but as said in the etf2l comments, its better to pm an admin and talk through these kind of issues, rather than trying to convince the public that etf2l is wrong.

As it stands I do have the impression etf2l take a fair amount of consideration on these kind of things and wouldn’t ban on a whim.

Slick says: 23 March 2009 - 13:14

Its a strong show from the ETF2L admins, and tbh it feels great knowning these guys are keeping an eye on for cheats.

Of course, their is the other debate whether him/her did or did not cheat. I don’t have time to look at that, so im hoping the admins made the right call, but i suppose the admins decide together as a group so it wouldnt be possible that an admin made a wrong judgement call?

Predz says: 23 March 2009 - 15:22

“Indeed first you should all ask yourself ‘how can people know when i go play on a friend’s account’ etc.”

Pretty sure ip’s get logged by server along with steam ID so its just a matter of looking a server logs.

To be honest, I dont really agree with people being banned for sharing an account outside of league games. I mean, I first started playing tf2 because somebody loaned me their account… and since then i bought the game myself. . Sharing accounts in league matches, however, is grounds for ban as is using an aimbot or other hacks in public servers because for me, that shows some sort of intent at the very least…. and how can people know this hack wasnt used in officials.

my 2c

destructo says: 23 March 2009 - 15:56


Typh0n says: 23 March 2009 - 16:39

Well Predz everybody can check it on etf2l, we did not use one of these accounts (i mean except our line up of 6 players) during an etf2l match (you can check with steam ids) and well when i told it to admins they just answer it was just to prevent you from doing such a thing…

Concerning Flo’s cheat i’m still convinced he’s not guilty but i can’t prove cause admins don’t want me to see the stv lol. First they tell me they don’t have the original stv, then oh i can see on the original source which match it was, then perhaps the opponent can give you the stv… <= lol

Concerning Anakin he came to guardian asking many questions about rain’s account, guard told him it was none of his business. Oh now guard is banned from etf2l lol. He watched every pcw’s we played, every account we used (rain’s account was lent twice both to sidney and pomme were hacked [which is a fact we can prove]), rantamplan’s account (pomme was playing on it, again because he had been hacked) was used in a pcw Anakin watched and oh well it gets banned lol.

numlocked says: 23 March 2009 - 17:48

get your essays out

Slick says: 23 March 2009 - 17:53

so much complications dont u think? 🙂

gryzor says: 23 March 2009 - 18:00

GET THEM CHEATERS! *\o/* */o\* *\o/*

forzew says: 23 March 2009 - 19:33

Written by dollar:

Allow me to explain the situation with forzew.
forzew has been detected using a fastfire script 4 months ago (exact date 19.11.08) in an ESL match against overGame, while he was playing for 9th Gaming. DrG, while looking at forzew’s Aequitas file, found the fastfire script clearly set and ready for use. They had a little spam fight in the ESL match page, Link to the match page:

Two weeks later, forzew played another game for 9th, this time against TFPortal (exact date 3.12.08). If you check the Aequitas file from that match, the script is gone. Link to the match page:
So how come 4 months later, when forzew had clearly deleted the script right away after getting warned, leaving the fact that it doesn’t even help him as a Demoman (which is the class he plays), GLC is getting points taken off?

To be fair, the 1 point deduction doesn’t matter that much to our team, as we’ll finish in 2nd place in our division both ways… But as ETF2L now ‘tagged’ forzew, without even stating this story is 4 months old, it’s clear that people will throw some comments towards him in every match he plays.

I think ETF2L is blaming forzew for nothing. Not only is this script useless for Demoman, which is the only class he ever played on an ETF2L game, but he had also deleted the script right away after realizing its forbidden, which was a long time before Season 4 had even started, as you can see in the match links above.


destructo says: 23 March 2009 - 22:19

Leave forzew alone =( hes not french

Ino says: 24 March 2009 - 12:38

lol, I can’t find heliana in the Sourcebans, but I see [00]Aves being permanently banned for spawnkilling… wtf? You get banned for life for that? Makes me wonder about their methods…

EDIT: ok, he goes by the name K1ck.Alexx’ nevermind…

But I think it’s a good decision to ban everyone who has used cheats in TF2, regardless of where the cheats were used. 1 year seems like a fair period of time for that.

Good job ETF2L Admins!

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