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Interview with Renegade26

BUICK has interviewed Renegade from The Imperial. The main topics are class balance, good/bad competitive maps, and class unlocks. Here’s a sneak peek:

It’s been said before by better soldiers than me, and I guess Ill say it again, but really I think demomen outshine soldiers at dealing damage too harshly. Soldiers are naturally better at certain important tasks, but when it comes down to the important large fights, the best outcome a soldier can hope for is tipping the balance slightly, and thats by hitting every rocket square on. The inane damage fall off on rocket projectiles, something that has not been present in older and stronger games, makes suicide bombing more efficient at damaging than staying at mid range, even when accuracy can be a lot harder. I would like in the future to see mid range rockets being much more efficient at dealing damage. Damage fall off may stay, but the extremity of it can really sour skilled play.

Read the entire interview at gotfrag.

TF2 With Breasts

A Korean PC game called H.A.V.E. Online which will be released later this year looks very similar to TF2.
Check out this video.

You can also see some specific visual comparisons on this site.

4k^ leave org or complete fold?

The members of 4k  , the old ^wotr^ team who not so long ago joined the 4 kings organisation, have been spotted detagging and removing avatars tonight.

12:29°am [4K^nos] is now known as nos_

Jh , nos & Predz

When questioned:

<Jh-AA-> no comment

<nos_> no comment

<Predz> i have a rather large penis
<Predz> and its hard
<Predz> 😀

Could this be the sign of a disbanding or maybe they are signing with a new org? YYT3? cc//4?!  Who knows!

ps. Hi crink!

appe at UKeSA LAN Finals

appe has posted a blog entry about his trip to the UKeSA LAN Finals.

I hopped on the plane to Stansted Airport looking forward to a great weekend in London. How would the guys you’ve spent all this time online with be IRL? Will that tough internet guy be as tough in person? Who will fall under the pressure and play really bad? Who will play above their normal standard? How many times will I get mugged? Did I just hop on the plane to Newcastle? Oh god I hope I didn’t.

Read the whole blog post at team-dignitas.org.

The Future of TF2

Scouring the steamforums for useful information is hard work, with so many inexperienced internet users congregating to a games official forum,  but useful information does arrive!

The first tidbit of info comes from an email directly responding to a member of that community from Robin Walker, talking about how the Huntsman is currently visually bugged: the model from 1st person and 3rd person dont correlate. Robin says the team is working on allowing ALL weapons to be held from EITHER side of the screen, including the Hunstman. What we know for all current projectile weapons is that they release from the weapon model, rather than the centre of the screen, allowing players to shoot round left turns more easily than right turns. This new change could allow players to choose either way, and nullify any map imbalances.

It also would seem from tf2maps.net interview with the creater of plr_pipeline that an update is headed to that map to fix a few things. You can read the full interview here.

Most recently it would also appear that players are receiving random item drops with varying levels. Examples here and here. This update wouldnt require anyone to update their game, because it can all be done from Valves side.

It will still likely be another month, and likely more, for a full blown class update, but these smaller ideas could be implemented separately before that.

Edit: another thread was created by a member of Valve, asking community members to attempt to explain how you recreate two issues, the first being the third spy hand, and also hunstman arrows that are stuck in midair. The thread concluded with the Valve employee saying they had discovered how to recreate the bugs, and so fixing them would become easier.

Sunday: Top Matches Tonight

Tonight on pwnageTV you can watch Imperial versus coolclan in the ESL Major Series Quarter-Finals. Only a few days ago coolclan managed to beat Imperial in a close match on granary and turbine. Tonight the maps are badlands and freight. Who will win tonight?


  • 21:15 CESTImperial vs coolclan (badlands 4-5, freight 2-6)
    Video Cast: pwnageTV with leogeo2
    SourceTV: connect tf2.coolclan.eu:27020

UKeSA TF2 Finals Today!

The TF2 Cup Finals will hopefully start around or before 13 CEST (idk vs YYT).

After that the Championship Finals are up (clan00 vs YYT).

And last the Premiership Finals (dignitas, TCM, 4K, Crack! Clan).

SourceTV: connect

Results and STV demos

  • YoYoTech vs i don’t know? (granary 3-1, badlands 6-2) (STV demos: download)
  • YoYoTech vs clan00 (granary 4-2, badlands 6-2) (STV demos: download)
  • 4 Kings vs dignitas (badlands 1-5, granary 2-5) (STV demos: download)
  • TCM vs Crack! Clan (granary 2-2 gc 0-1, gravelpit 0-2) (STV demos: download)
  • dignitas vs Crack! Clan (cp_well 1-1 gc 1-0, freight 5-0) (STV demos: download)


  • Dignitas (left-to-right: Darn, agron, Bybben, appe, ryb, AppZ)
  • clan00 (left-to-right: ekse, rts, pbL, perry, AAL, bpf)
  • i don’t know? (left-to-right: Easy, piece, Oggy, Night, Shintaz, [FB]Byte)
  • YoYoTech (left-to-right: numlocked, boomeh, Springer, pukz, Skinnie, Haunter, Arnold)
  • 4 Kings (left-to-right: Torden, Predz, daf, Bash, Jh, nos)
  • A_Spec (always messing with the laptop)

UKeSA Finals on Sunday

The UKeSA LAN Finals in TF2 will be played on Sunday. Over at cadred you can read an excellent preview of the upcoming matches including interviews with the teams’ managers: www.cadred.org

LIVE STREAM: enemydown.eu

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