Interview with Renegade26

BUICK has interviewed Renegade from The Imperial.┬áThe main topics are class balance, good/bad competitive maps, and class unlocks. Here’s a sneak peek:

It’s been said before by better soldiers than me, and I guess Ill say it again, but really I think demomen outshine soldiers at dealing damage too harshly. Soldiers are naturally better at certain important tasks, but when it comes down to the important large fights, the best outcome a soldier can hope for is tipping the balance slightly, and thats by hitting every rocket square on. The inane damage fall off on rocket projectiles, something that has not been present in older and stronger games, makes suicide bombing more efficient at damaging than staying at mid range, even when accuracy can be a lot harder. I would like in the future to see mid range rockets being much more efficient at dealing damage. Damage fall off may stay, but the extremity of it can really sour skilled play.

Read the entire interview at gotfrag.

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