wotr2 leave org + FB2 Fold , FB turning into MGO!

Following the announcement of wotr1 leaving for 4k, wotr2 have now also left the wotr community and are now known as coolclan. The team are playing in Division 1 this season of ETF2l after being promoted for winning their division 2 group last season. The team is interested in an mgo and are currently thought of as the dark horse of division 1.

The Italian Stalion that is  Admirable has this to say!

Joining wotr was one of the best moves we made since we started playing TF2 about 8 months ago.
We have gained a certain level of notoriety and prestige from the wotr organisation but we feel it is time to move on.
Of course we are grateful for all the support and love we have received from Xman, nos et al, however, the focus has always been on TCM.
We are a team pushing hard to improve and to represent our beautiful game at a high level; so we are putting ourselves in the shop window so to speak.
Whilst many people will say we are crazy for leaving wotr, we feel it is time for a change and want to shake things up.  In fairness there is really not much to lose or gain either way as we have been mostly self sufficient since the beginning.
So we have decided to strike out on our own and see what happens!
We are, of course, open to all offers from interested MGOs but we aren’t holding our breath just yet…

The team have also lately picked up the ex-Trademark Gamers scout, Treigzak, who is now playing medic for them.

coolclan‘s blog can be found here. You can also find them on their irc channel #coolclan @ quakenet.

Recently FakkelBrigade‘s second team decided to call it quits after their soldier, Mineral(The Leader), chose to take a break from competetive tf2. The team , already having half the lineup being new, felt like it was too much of an uphill battle to find a new soldier/demo semi-mid season and still play well.

The Devils Rejects have taken their spot in division 2b in etf2l.

Fakkelbrigade have also now anounced their plans for the future, to fully understand what FB’s future is going to look like, please read the following while listening to: Song

Jonni the Juicy Juicy Jew:

After running a stable team for almost 16 months and
always having a second team by our side, we decided that our
services provided should come with a name. So we’re on the lookout for any orginisation that has a proper website, optionally already has teams, will take care of our public mumble (45 teams) with us and will want to grow with us and help FB reach the stars.
In the future FB is looking to have teams in at least 5 games (think: trackmania, ut3, cod4, bf:heroes, etc), provide the TF2 community with the benifits we have been providing and keep increasing our reach.

P.S. We intend to field more than 1 TF2 team by the time we’re done. anyone interested should contact me.

Good Luck to coolclan, the fb2 team, the rejects and FB!


julieN1 says: 21 May 2009 - 23:49

best of lucks to FB, coolclan and the devils rejects!

Springer says: 21 May 2009 - 23:59

coolclan or FB to TMG pls

Springer says: 22 May 2009 - 0:25

(or tcm if tmg aint moving)

Extremer says: 22 May 2009 - 11:19


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